• Dionne

Virtual Assistant vs Employee

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Having a full or part-time employee can be vital to the running and developing of your business. However, if your business isn’t quite ready for this extra expense, but you still need assistance, a Virtual Assistant may be just what you need and here's why:

Taxable Expense

A lot of people don’t realise this but VAs are a taxable expense. Just make sure to keep a record of the invoices we send you in case the HMRC comes knocking.


Virtual Assistants work on a self-employed basis, so we sort out all of our own taxes and NI meaning you don’t have too, saving you time and wait for it…money!

No Extra Office Space

Most Virtual Assistants (including myself) work from home, meaning you don’t have to move over and give me some of your precious desk space. We both get to keep our personal space exactly that…personal!

Only Paid For Time Worked

You literally just pay a Virtual Assistant for the time they work for you. I use a time tracker when I complete tasks for my clients and round it up to the nearest 15 mins and send them a full breakdown in their invoice, so they know exactly where their money is going.

A lot of small business may hire an employee, then have trouble finding tasks for them to do at quiet times of the year. However, the employee still needs to be paid regardless.

You don’t need to worry about that with a Virtual Assistant as you only hire us when you need us!

Holidays and Sick pay are also eliminated with a Virtual Assistant.

Easier to go separate ways

Saving costs are not the only benefit to hiring a VA. We are also easier to get rid of too! We are hired on a temporary basis, meaning that there is no obligation to hire us for longer than needed (please just make sure to pay your last invoices on time as we are also small business owners ourselves!).

Having an actual employee can be a total pain to fire. You can face all sorts of headaches such as being sued for unfair dismissal if the correct procedures are not followed, meaning that you can be stuck with an expensive dead weight for much longer than you’d like.


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