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How Outsourcing Your Email Management Can Improve Your Work Life Management

Many people dread coming back to their inbox after a weekend away. Navigating your way through the spam emails of miracle penis enlargers or your great Nigerian aunt who has left you millions, in order to get to your relevant business emails, can take an age in itself and is a tedious process.

I have a business owner friend and one day, I noticed that he had TEN THOUSAND emails in his inbox. I almost had a heart attack. When I asked why he hadn’t sorted through them all, he simply explained that he couldn’t face it and doing so would take forever, so he just let them build up and up.

My first tip would obviously be to try and avoid such a huge build up like this happening in the first place. Every day that you go through your emails, get rid of the junk and answer or file any emails you need.

However, if your inbox has simply piled up too much and you just can’t face it, or simply don’t spending hours clearing it, a Virtual Assistant could come in pretty handy. Now your email account is obviously a personal thing, and the thought of a VA having access can make some people feel uneasy. However, this is your BUSINESS email and so if you REALLY want to keep emails from certain people private, give them access to an alternative and non-published account.

VAs will get rid of spam emails (we can also unsubscribe from marketing that you may have unknowingly subscribed to when doing online shopping etc) , and place anything else into different folders making them so much easier for you to manage (e.g travel, invoices, personal, meeting notes etc).

Great entrepreneurs are great at delegating, freeing up their time so they can keep developing their business. So if you could save yourself hours per day, surely you would jump at that chance? Virtual business entrepreneur Chris Ducker has a great tip for saving hours on your email and you should make sure to pass this on to your VA too:

“It doesn’t get any easier than this. When you open your email simply click ONCE, on either of the following buttons:

· Reply

· Delete

· Archive

If you open an email message, then close it and go to another and then go back to it again later, you’re wasting a ridiculous amount of time. Get strict with yourself, and this tip along with save you probably hours every day!”


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