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5 Ways a VA Can Help Your Speaking Career

Keynote/ inspirational/ motivational (whatever you call yourself) speakers are awesome. They have literally built up their entire career around speaking to others to help motivate or educate them, sometimes speaking to hundreds of people at one time!

If your career is based around speaking to others your work may involve a lot of time on the road, which might make it difficult to keep on track with certain tasks.

Virtual Assistants can be a HUGE help for speakers and here are just some of the tasks we can help you with:

1. Travel Arrangements

As a speaker you’re probably regularly on the road and constantly booking hotels, flights and transportation to the events can be time-consuming and tedious!

A VA can take this task off you, giving you more time to prepare what you’re going to say at your next event!

2. Researching Speaking Events

If you’re still quite new to the speaking world, you may still be needing to go out and find opportunities to speak to help get your name out there.

It won’t be long until the events are banging at your door asking you to speak for them, but until this happens, a VA can help you find events to speak at.

3. Write and Send out a Monthly Newsletter

Keep your existing subscribers up to date with what you’ve been up to and any exciting events you have lined up.

Monthly newsletters are a great marketing tool when done correctly and a VA can make write these up and distribute these for you each month (or however many times you like).

Your VA can:

- Create a great template using a platform such as Mailchimp

- Edit and add videos or photos from your talks

- Write the content or proofread and edit content you have already written

4. Social Media

As a speaker, it will always be best if you can be as active and engaging as possible yourself on your social media. However, this can be difficult at times, especially if you’re busy at your events.

Your VA can schedule posts and reply to messages and comments when you are unable to.

5. Update Your Website

Updating your website with your blogs and event dates etc can be time-consuming and we can easily take this task off you.

If you are only just building your website, your VA can help with this by:

- Testing it to see if it’s user-friendly and all of the links work

- Run an SEO test

- Proofread your content

- Add images

- Some may even be able to actually build the website for you!



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