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5 Tips To Survive COVID-19 If You’re In The Entertainment Industry

COVID-19 is crippling industries worldwide, and one of the most affected is the entertainment world.

Most people in this industry rely on live shows to earn the majority (if not all) of their income and with social gatherings now almost totally non-existent, there are a LOT of incredibly worried people right now....and rightly so.

Festivals all over the world have been cancelled or postponed including every major London festival and gig this year, meaning thousands of performers who had full diaries, are now staring at blank pages wondering how the hell they are going to survive.

Times are scary and although things are going to be tough for a while, the COVID-19 doesn’t have to mean the end of the world if you’re a musician, actress, dancer, magician etc etc etc.

Here are 5 tips to help ensure you get through this incredibly shitty time and come back even stronger than ever:

1. Practise....and then practise some more!

Whilst your competition is using their spare time to watch Netflix and drown their sorrows, you should be practising your ARSE off, so when gigs start getting booked again, you’re at the very top of your game and you’ll get even more gigs booked because you’re so damn incredible.

Even if you’re already incredible at what you do, I guarantee you there is still room to improve so take advantage of this extra time.

Learn to play the guitar on the back of your head perhaps?...

2. Step In & Save The Day

Remember, it’s not just the venues cancelling gigs. Other bands, magicians, dancers etc might fall ill and end up unable to perform. If you can step in last minute, you could be considered an absolute hero which in turn, might lead to a shed load more work in the future.

Make sure the whole entertainment world knows that you are willing to step in if you can. Regularly contact everyone you know who is relevant (other bands, managers, agencies etc) and remind them that you are there and ready to save the day. Make a list and email or call them every single week so they don’t forget about you.

Worried you’re going to annoy them? Get over it. It’s survival of the fittest and in times and in this industry, you have to be willing to get your hands dirty and do what it takes to get work.

2. Create Amazing New Material

Create new material for your social media platforms and websites that you’ve been meaning to do for months but you’ve been too busy to do it.

Stuff like this tends to get pushed to the side when you’re too busy so now is the perfect time to get some new videos and demos recorded and shared with the world so everyone can see how brilliant you are.

3. Improve Your Marketing

When was the last time you updated your website or social media? Get on top of your marketing and use this time to come up with a comprehensive marketing plan, so that when you’re busy once more, this never gets left behind again.

Also, make sure to engage with your fans and create new ones with live Facebook shows, Q&As and make damn sure the world doesn’t forget about you.

This isn’t going to last forever and when the madness is over, if 1000 more people now know about you, you could end up even busier than before.

5. Think Long Term....

Unfortunately, the effects of this stupid virus are probably going to last a lot longer than we all initially thought.

As incredible as it is to perform every week and have our entire income come solely from what we love to do, if things are going to be a lot quieter, you’re going to have to find another way to support yourself.

What other skills do you have that could potentially earn you some money?

Could you teach others? Can you design websites? Can you deliver pizzas a few evenings a week? Hell….have a look on Fiverr and Upwork and see if there is anything you could on there to earn yourself some extra money.

Also, reduce your outgoings as much as you can for now. I know we all want to support other struggling businesses but if continuing to buy your daily Cappuccino is going to help make you homeless, put the purse away and grab a glass of good old Council Pop.


As much as we might not want to do any of this, millions of us are going to have to do what we can over the next however many months to survive.

It’s going to be a rough few months but we’ll get through it.

We need to suck it up, stay strong, be nice to each other….and stop stealing all the toilet roll.



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