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5 Tasks Events & Wedding Planners Can Outsource To A VA

Events and Wedding Planners can be seriously busy people, sometimes organising and arranging several events at once.

Busy planners need to know how to manage their time effectively and unless they don’t mind working on minimal sleep sometimes and having zero time to reap the benefits of their own hard work, they can seek help in the form of a VA.

As events and wedding (especially wedding) planning can be seasonal, the best bit about hiring a VA is that you only actually hire and pay for them when you need them.

I have listed five tasks that can be outsourced to a VA which could save hours of work, making your life easier as an Events or Wedding Planner, even if you’re already super organized!

1. Research

Hours upon hours can be spent researching various vendors, venues and the logistical aspects of events. If you already have a description of what you need to find (e.g a photobooth in Lancashire with a max budget of £xxx) you can easily get your VA to help you with this. The VA can create a list and present them to you, allowing you to make the final decision.

2. Social Media

Keeping up an active and engaging social media presence can be difficult when you’re running around planning events. If you and only you want to manage your social media accounts then you can make life easier by loading your content on time saving apps such as Buffer, which will help to keep your posts consistent even when you're out and about.

If you’re struggling with even finding the time to load posts on Buffer, a VA could do this for you, engage with the likes and comments you receive and even turn some posts into images via apps like Canva, which are proven to attract more engagement as Hubspot explains HERE

Remember, it’s completely up to you how much control you hand over to your VA with your social media platforms.

3. Blogging

Even if you don’t want to fully hand over the reins to your VA with your blogs, they can still help you by proofreading, editing, adding images and uploading to your website if your pushed for time.

Your VA could also help to come up with great titles and topics if you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas!

4. Travel Arrangements

When planning someone’s wedding, there will inevitably be some sort of travel planning included, whether it be for yourself or others.

You could delegate this task to your VA, getting them to search for the best hotel, flights and car rental deals saving yourself time to focus on the tasks you’d like to priortise, like where to sit the brides’ brother and the grooms’ aunt at dinner who both hate each other!

5. Follow Ups

This task is often far too overlooked, but getting your VA collect testimonials from your clients and any vendors you worked with can be invaluable to the growth of your business.

Genuine testimonials (even better if you can get some photos from them) posted onto your social media and website builds even more trust in your services for future clients.

So there you go! Five ways in which a VA could save you time and energy. It can take time to build trust with a VA as your business is your baby, so if you’re unsure about how much control you’re initially comfortable with giving them, start with some smaller ad hoc tasks and if its working for you, build up from there.

Good luck and keep on being amazing!


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