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3 Things People Do That Are Annoying As Hell On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an incredible networking platform. To be honest, I never realised just how great it was until I started my VA business and even then, it wasn’t until a few months ago when I really started to understand it’s true value!

Just check out these stats:

- Total number of Linkedin users – 660 million members in 200 countries and regions worldwide.

- 49% of Linkedin users earn more than $75,000 in a year.

- LinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use to distribute content at 94%.

Most of my clients now come from LinkedIn. However, there’s been a few things I have noticed some people do that are incredibly annoying and I wish they'd stop, for their own sake!

Here are the top three things that will make me instantly remove you as a connection:

1. Trying to sell me their stuff via messenger

At least buy me a drink first, jeez.

Seriously though, I’ve had loads of people connect with me, don’t even say hello and just send me a copied and pasted sales pitch via messenger. The best ones are when they spell my name wrong or don’t even remember to delete the last person’s name they sent the message to.

Cold-sales messages really get my back up. I find it particularly offensive when MLM people contact me assuming that I am not making enough income and simply must join their life-changing business and all focus my energy on that instead of my own company. Thanks but no thanks. Keep your over-priced milkshakes.

Below are two examples of actual messages I recently received on LinkedIn.

“I see you’re running a VA business. That’s great but wouldn’t you like to have more income? I have an incredible opportunity can change your life and you can do this all from the comfort of your own home, choosing hours that suit you and your children’s needs (I don’t even have any children!!).If you are open to creating a better life for you and your children, get in touch.

“Hi Sharon (that’s not my name),would you like the opportunity to tell 40 businesses about your business? It might be a bit of a trek but it could have a massive pay back for you, you need to join. Just pop down next Friday, its invitation only, so let me know if you'd like to pop along.”

Impersonal and spammy messages like this may work on very rare occasions but like me, they most likely just rub people up the wrong way. I simply remove everyone who sends me messages like this.

If you want to build real relationships and connections on LinkedIn, please stop doing this and instead, focus on establishing authentic rapport. You’ll build a LOT more trust this way.

2. Use it like their personal Facebook

LinkedIn is a professional network. Therefore, people don’t want to see photos of how insanely drunk you got on your last works do. They also don’t care about your personal rants of how much of a douche Aunty Gill was on your birthday night out.

Yes, the human element in networking is fundamental. We aren’t robots after all. However, inflammatory comments, drunken selfies and personal rants does not make you look good to future clients or employers. Save that for your personal Facebook page.

3. Political rants

You may have noticed that there was a general election recently here in the UK.

Everyone has a right to their own opinion and it’s great that so many people were so passionate about who they were voting for.

However, calling all Tories a bunch of ***** (I actually saw someone write this. I’m sure you can guess the word!) is undoubtedly one of the worst things you could do on your LinkedIn!

You may have strong views about certain political parties but if one of your potentially biggest clients or employers sees you ranting on about how anyone who votes differently to you deserves to die, I can guarantee you’ll send them running. And you’d deserve nothing else.

Unless politics is your career, save these rants for the pub.

So there you have it, my top three things people do that are annoying as hell on LinkedIn. If you do these, please stop. You’ll thank me for it later.

Is there anything else you see on LinkedIn that annoys you? Let me know!


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