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3 Big Benefits of Newsletter Campaigns

Social media has taken over the world and can be imperative to a business’ success (or failure, see HERE) . With this in mind, some may think email marketing is a thing of the past. However, it can still play a big part within your marketing strategy, resulting in more business if you do it right. Let’s take a look at the three main advantages of setting up a newsletter campaign.

1. Increased Brand Awareness

By sending regular content to your audience, you are keeping your business present in their minds.

The ideal number of newsletters to send per month varies with each business and so it may be a case of some trial and error before you find your sweet spot with maximum customer engagement. If you’re unsure on how many to send, start with two per month and keep an eye on your analytics for a couple of months, checking the click-through rates and opt-outs.

Then, you could try changing the frequency to one a week and look out for any changes to your customer engagement. If you notice more people unsubscribing with the higher frequency, you’ll know that your audience prefers less correspondence.

Keep your newsletters as interesting and inviting as possible and update them on any exciting changes in your business. Don’t just bombard them with promotions to try and get sales as your audience will be more likely to lose interest and unsubscribe.

The more value you bring to your audience, the more likely they will want to buy from you in the future. For example, say your business is making birthday cakes. You could include an awesome recipe for them to try at home. Not only are you helping your customers learn how to bake at home (providing value!), but you’re also showing that you really know your stuff. You’re building trust and they’ll be more likely to buy from you if they trust you.

2. Target Audience

If you’re thinking about starting a regular newsletter, add a mailing list option on your website so anyone who visits has the chance to sign up. Incentivise them to do so by offering a free giveaway such as an e-book or some sort exclusive discount etc. We get so much crap sent to our emails these days that we want to know we will be getting something of value in return for giving you our email address.

That said, customers that visit your site will already have some sort of interest in what you do (hence their visit), so your mailing list will be made up of your perfect target audience!

3. Cost Effective

Newsletter campaigns are an extremely cost-effective form of marketing. You can sign up to Mailchimp for free if you have 2000 subscribers or less and if you have more than that, it’s a monthly payment (check out their site for their most up to date prices).

So think about it, if you have around 1000 people on your mailing list, that’s 1000 people who have already expressed an interest in your service or product that you can specifically send marketing out to FOR FREE.

Now obviously, the hardest part here is actually getting your mailing list together. Make sure to invite them when they visit your website, and also remind them via your social media platforms. It needs to be their decision to be added on the mailing list. You can’t just go around finding random emails and you’re certainly not allowed to add them without gaining their permission first.

The new GDPR regulations have really clamped down on this so make sure you follow them as you could end up facing a hefty fine if someone complains to the ICO.

Building a sizable mailing list might take some time but if you can persuade your audience to sign up in the first place, you’re already on the right track and by sending awesome newsletters, you’ll be targeting just very people who are more likely to turn into customers....


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