• Dionne

16 Tasks a VA Can Do In An Hour Or Less

Updated: May 22, 2020

Time is invaluable when it comes to building a business and an efficient VA (like myself) can work IN your business, giving you more to time to work ON it....

Although it’s impossible to judge how long some tasks will take (specific research or cleaning out your inbox of 10,000 emails etc!), Virtual Assistants can complete many tasks within an hour or less. I have complied a list of tasks that I am usually able to complete within this time:

- Create and send out Newsletter Campaign

- Set up social media accounts

- Proofread content from your website, emails, proposals etc

- Create and send out invoices

- Chase up late invoices

- Create personal appointments such as dentist, hairdressers etc

- Compare and arrange your car insurance

- Transcribe and proofread a ten-minute audio file

- Sort out travel arrangements

- Create a short Powerpoint Presentation

- Set up and arrange your Google Calendar

- Research a competitor

- Test your website (do all of the links etc work properly?)

- Find local contractors – cleaners, dog walkers etc

- Send out thank you cards to clients or family who attended your event

- Create a survey for your current or prospective clients

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